Download The Fuss Free Guide To Writing Words That Woo Clients You Love!

This is a VALUE packed, EASY to understand, and SIMPLE to implement guide that I use with my own clients to make my job easier.

Download The Fuss Free Guide to Writing Words That Woo Clients You Love!

I know you want to share your genius or you wouldn't be here. Your problem is getting your message “out there” or knowing exactly how to articulate that message so it speaks to the soul of those who are desperately searching for you. The ones you actually want to work with!

And you want it to sound like you, not some hard ass salesman...ick!

I hear you, and that's exactly why I'm sharing this FREE guide to help you develop a super specific brand voice so you, your VA or even your mother can write value-packed content for your dream clients.

Meet some of our amazing clients...

Lyndsay Lee

Sally's ability to tell a story and usher someone into a state of connectedness is powerful, yet seems incredibly natural at the same time. She brilliantly conveys exactly what is needed with her words and I highly trust her level of knowledge and expertise in this field. Sally is able to listen; to your words, desires, and energy and I believe that is what makes her content and feedback for her clients SO powerful.

Michelle Turner

Sally’s gift of using the right questions to understand me so that she could express me on a page was a very powerful and unique experience. I am proud to put my story out on my website - without any BS - just beautiful heart-centred words. I didn’t know where to start or what to say to get my message across but Sally knew exactly what needed to be written before I did.

Lana F Jackson

I’ve had great success from working with Sally. I love her creativity and her attention to the details around me as a business owner, my business and my brand. She just gets it so well.

Who Is Sally Friday?

Sally's love of the written word wasn't just a skill she picked up, it came into this life with her. The sort of intuitive writing that makes a six year old scribble prose under the kitchen table, which can only be refined, not learned.  And refined it has been.

She spent years wandering, somewhat lost, somewhat excitedly wild and free. All the while honing her writing skills for herself, friends and businesses around the country.  Eventually she followed her heart which led to becoming a professional copywriter, journalist and author, with almost 20 years experience in print, radio and online.

She pushed her way to some big results, but it was just that - an uphill battle.  A totally draining, masculine, ego driven path that was nowhere near sustainable, and far from enjoyable.

So she found a better way - consciously choosing to collaborate with heart centred women, helping them define their authentic voice and tell their story in a way that attracts their dream clients, because that's how a life of freedom and ease is created. It's a beautiful exchange, and nothing lights her up more than collaborating with such epic disruptors of the norm.

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