Your Words Matter.

Those long nights you poured your heart and soul into their creation.

Those long days you forgot to dress.

The crumbs on your keyboard.

Those long hours you sat there, unable to write a damn thing.

You're not handing that baby over to just anyone. And nor should you.

The editing process should be just as inspired, loved, and obsessive as the writing was.

And here, it is.



Working with Sally has been an extraordinary experience. The breadth and depth of her expertise and professionalism combined with her understanding heart and soul is unparalleled to any other editor I have ever worked with. Sally’s keen eye for copyediting is a beautiful thing however, beyond that, her ability to embody and express any writer’s words, as if they were her own, is a unique talent that cannot be forgotten. I highly recommend Sally to anyone who wants to achieve their writing and editing goals in a timely manner.

Lynn Denise - Raeda Consulting

Breathe, we've got you covered!

Whether you want in depth content editing or a second set of eyes to make sure there's consistency and no regrets before you get a million copies published, we have your back xo

Copy Editing


Let's get your manuscript polished for publication!

You've edited & fine tuned it so much that you can't possibly improve it any more... well almost. Sometimes you've read something so much you don't see the simple mistakes. We'll cover the usual suspects such as grammar, spelling, language, and then make sure there's overall consistency including the flow and feel of your masterpiece. We have you completely covered, ready to send to the publisher.

Content Editing


Publish something you're proud of!

Whether you have the raw version or you've edited so much but know it just needs... something... some fresh eyes and an experienced writer to go over it and help you make it better.  Sometimes a different perspective is exactly what you need to bring out the version you envisioned all this time. Feedback is lovingly honest, and most importantly, helpful. We want to see you produce the absolute best manuscript possible.

Let's Chat Lovely!