Choose Your Own Adventure!

The story about who you once were and how that shaped who you've become is a wild beastess. How to choose the relevant bits and create a snapshot that positions you as the expert, increases your cash flow and doesn't sound like everyone else is a tough gig!

Especially when your About Page is the MOST VISITED page on your site.

The words in your branding should show your gorgeous dream client more of who you are, what you stand for and why you’re exactly what she’s been looking for.

So let's show her!

Your Beautiful Bio


Especially for your website.

The goal is to help you create a brand voice that's consistent and authentically aligned with you, and those you serve. This package provides you with an unapologetic, irresistibly compelling Bio that showcases exactly who you are and what you stand for in a way that attracts and builds trust with your soul mate clients.

Add a Media Bio


Your Beautiful Bio plus a Media Bio.

Whether it be for a book, you're guesting on a podcast or blog, introduced on stage, or anywhere else you're showing up, your Media Bio needs to tell your story in even less space.  A shorter, sharper version that compliments  your main Bio and perfectly aligns with your brand. Timeless, irresistible, succinct. It's the perfect pairing.

The two words Thank you don’t seem nearly enough for the amazing bio you wrote for me. I was blown away with the final words - you were able to put into text my story so that it resonated not only with my soul but also with my soulful clients.

Sally’s gift of using the right questions to understand me so that she could express me on a page was a very powerful and unique experience. I am proud to put my story out on my website - without any BS - just beautiful heart-centred words. I didn’t know where to start or what to say to get my message across but Sally knew exactly what needed to be written before I did.

Thank you so much for taking the stress away and for shining your light on my copy. I am so grateful to you.

Michelle Turner - Project Potential Coaching

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