Your story matters. How you tell it matters even more.

Your Bio should be the blurb showcasing your personality, your sass, the juiciness of what you're all about not a boring AF predictable list of accolades that sell you short.

This goes for the words in EVERYTHING you write. You want your dream clients to read on, reach out and recommend you to friends not leave you collecting dust on the shelf.

So, what is a Word Stylist

It's an obsession.

It's one writer's innate ability to turn a blank page into a bio that's actually interesting. A book into a best seller. Blogs, Magazine Articles (or any written word that needs tweaking) into something you're proud of.

It's writing and editing that's so intuitive the words speak to the hearts and minds of your soul mate clients and readers of your powerful story.

Whether you need an exceptional bio, an experienced writer to look over and tweak your words, or your manuscript prepped for publication, you're in the right place.

Sally's ability to tell a story and usher someone into a state of connectedness is powerful, yet seems incredibly natural at the same time. She brilliantly conveys exactly what is needed with her words and I highly trust her level of knowledge and expertise in this field. Sally is able to listen; to your words, desires, and energy and I believe that is what makes her content and feedback for her clients SO powerful.

I would recommend R
ebel Hearts Co's unique style and approach to anyone desiring to take their business or brand to the next level ...or to deepen the strength of their personal and professional message. This woman is a gift!

Lyndsay Lee - Life On Purpose

Sally Friday of Rebel Hearts Co

Sally Friday

A flash of inspiration. A niggling you just can't shake, until it becomes so loud you can't hear anything else. Goosebumps. Downloads. You just know this is what you're here to do.

That's how Rebel Hearts Co was born. To express your genius, your voice, your brand, your story in a way that inspires aligned action.

To write personality-driven words for women igniting their own inner revolution, because they know that creates change way bigger than themselves. And because it’s so effing inspiring to co create with such epic disruptors of the norm!

Being a Journo gave me the skills to interview and uncover a story. A Copywriter, the skills to sell it. Mentoring from a Neuroscientist, the skills to use my obsession with the brain, emotions and universal laws to blend it all with the energetic power of words too.

Uncovering and telling your story in a way that speaks to the soul of your dream clients... well that sh*t totally lights me up.



Working with Sally has been an extraordinary experience. The breadth and depth of her expertise and professionalism combined with her understanding heart and soul is unparalleled to any other editor I have ever worked with. Sally’s keen eye for copyediting is a beautiful thing however, beyond that, her ability to embody and express any writer’s words, as if they were her own, is a unique talent that cannot be forgotten. I highly recommend Sally to anyone who wants to achieve their writing and editing goals in a timely manner.

Lynn Denise - Raeda Consulting